Thoroughly Modern Millie/SLVHS Performing Arts Center

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A few months ago in March, Judy and I stayed with my cousin, Carol Perkins, at her home in Boulder Creek, CA. (Santa Cruz Mountains)


Carol, Miranda. & Susan

Carol, Miranda. & Susan

As always we had a great time with her and Buddy (her best friend – Dog).  The highlight of the trip was going to see her granddaughter, Miranda, perform in a musical at her high school.  It was the last night of the show on a Saturday evening.  We had a great dinner at a local restaurant and then went to the show.

Wow!!   What a treat.   It was an enjoyable evening watching this group of talented actors sing and dance to the audience’s joy and amazement.  The main character, Millie, was played by Miranda Robinson – she is really talented folks!.  We met her mother, Susan Robinson  (Carol’s daughter) in the parking lot there.  She saved seats for us and I immediately brought our the camera.  The pictures and video are from that camera taken by a guy who shakes.  Most of the pictures came out OK but holding the camera still during the exciting performance was a challenge.

“Millie” was the christening show in the, just finished, San Lorenzo Valley High School performing arts center in Felton, CA..  This school has a phenomenal performing arts program as you can witness by watching the video.  They, evidently, do three different high school performances a year.

Where to buy tickets in the future:

As a former high school teacher it makes my heart sing to watch the enjoyment and fun that these students are having together.  Accomplishment and success build steps for a productive adult life.  It was a fantastic job by everyone involved in this production!!!






Sacramento Traditional Jazz Camp – 2015

Once again I was blessed to go to the camp and continue to learn how to play in a Trad Jazz Band.

Our Band this Year

Our Band this Year (back L/R) – Don Risser (Trumpet), Fran Ferrance (Trumpet), Terry Myers (Professor/leader), Richard Downey (Clarinet), Dave Graves (Trombone), & Gerry Turner (Bass)  –  (bottom L/R) – Jim Henderson (Drums), & Dave Stare (Banjo).

Nothing beats this experience to help increase one’s ability to improvise on the fly.  Here are some pictures and a video of the professors modeling the art of playing with a team of musicians.  Enjoy!!


Another picture with me in back

Another picture with me in back.



Anita Thomas teaching a jam session

Anita Thomas teaching a jam session





Kensington Grammar School (1948-1954)

I was so fortunate to live in the Bay Area while growing up.  I went through all my pre-college schooling there and made many friends that I still keep in contact with.6th grade at Kensington-McGrawss

A few years ago at a mini class reunion lunch one of the classmates brought some grammar school pictures. I asked to scan them and she agreed. I spent many hours cleaning up the scans and have been sending them to the Kensington Grammar school classmates and others who have shown an interest. Together, via email, we have remembered many names and I have been adding them to the pictures over the years.

I finally had the time to compile the finished products of all this work and make a video. This video represents a heart-felt thanks to all or my younger (now in our seventies) friends at Kensington and to my Lord Jesus Christ.

The Bay Area was such a wonderful place to live. Thanks for watching. – George

In grade four I met Ronnie Hamstad (lower Center next to Leslie Daum now Collier – my 1st girlfriend)4th Grade Kensington- ReadingssRonnie and I were very close.  After the 6th grade I lost track of Ronnie.  His family moved but I had no idea where.   For years I thought about him and hoped that maybe we would someday reconnect.  I remember about 7  years ago that I was playing golf at a club and spotted a guy that I thought could be Ron.   I asked him what his name was but it was not him.  About 4 years ago I was checking my email and saw in my “in” box the words “George! Is this you?”  It was Ron who had found me on facebook.  We conversed by email and I found out that he lived in Redding, Ca. but was heading back to Brazil for about 6 months.  He and his wife, Christine, were missionaries there for many years earlier.   What a joy it was to hear from him.



Anyhow, we lost a connection again until last year.  But, my cousins live in Redding, CA.  and play in a “Church Bell Choir” there.  They were having a bell concert in October of 2013. (I have an earlier post of them)  They invited Judy and me to come up and watch their performance.  We booked a bed and breakfast for 2 nights in Redding.

I found Ron’s phone number, called him, and we agreed to meet for lunch before our return home.  It turned out that where we were staying was less than a 1/2 mile from his home.  We showed up at their home in the late morning, knocked on their door, and Christine, who we had never met, was there with a camera to take pictures of our reuniting after 60+ years.  It was very emotional as we hugged and just looked at each other with tears of joy in our eyes.  Christine had prepared a nice lunch and we spent hours through the afternoon reminiscing and enjoying their company.  The evening was getting late so we decided to go out for dinner to a local Mexican restaurant.  Judy and I left for home that evening with smiles on our faces. What a great time that was –  God is so good!

This is a picture of 211 Arlington in Kensington .  .  . 211Arlington Ave.where I lived until I was about 8 or 9 years old.  My very closest friend at that time, George Ross, lived just around the corner on Amherst Ave.  We did everything together.  However, when my family moved to El Cerrito, CA, where I graduated from El Cerrito high school, George and I lost track of each other because he went to Berkeley high school where my dad, mom, and sister graduated.

About 30 years later I was teaching at El Dorado high school in Placerville, CA. in the late 70’s.  My teaching assignment was 5 math classes so I solicited for some TA’s to help with correcting papers.  Lo and behold, one of them was a gal named Tammy Ross.  She turned out to be George’s daughter and they lived in Coloma, CA.  We visited with George and his wife Pat a few times.  What a small world!


Trip – Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Monday:  Well, we are off! southwest-airlinesI will try to be less wordy and more picturey – you know – right brain stuff.  Anyhow, Laura drove over from Nevada City Sunday night and stayed with us  (April 13, 2014) so she could take us to the airport the next morning.  What a wonderful thing to do for Judy and me.  We only had one-way tickets, hoping to buy a car in Arkansas and drive home. Upon arrival we took a shuttle to Budget rent-a-car in Little Rock – drove out and had dinner at the Red Lobster – picked up food at Whole Foods – got a power supply at Apple for my MacBook Pro – and headed for the Village .   .   .HotSpringsVillagegot our keys to the condo .   .   .Living Roomand went to bed.

Tuesday:  We spent unpacking, organizing, and driving around re-orienting ourselves to the village.  That night, we went to a dinner play about the Titanic.  We got there and they had cards at our table to tell us and others at the table who we were in the play – ie:  Judy was Selena Cook, a 2nd class passenger, age 22, and a resident of Oxford, England .   .   .SelenaCook and my name was Percy Cornelius Taylor, a 2nd class passenger, age 40, a resident of London, England, and a Titanic musician who played the piano. (amazing – when I was in college I considered playing the piano on a cruise ship)       On the other side of the card .   .   .BoardingPass-copy-620x1075and at each table there were bottles of champagne .   .   . TitanicChampagneMany of the village residents were in costumes that depicted the dress in that epic event.  It was a fun night meeting others and being a part of this program.  The dinner show included a lady who sang for the ship’s entertainment and she was great!!

Wednesday:  I got up in the morning and prayed to God about finding a car to buyWithin a few hours I found, on Craigslist, a 2005 van like the one that we bought here in Hot Springs 5 years ago.  The positives were:  an 86 thousand mile odometer, regular service records, clean title, very clean car, & $3500 below Kelly blue book.  The negative was it was in Oklahoma.  After many more hours of looking I could not find any other car to fit our wish list.  So, I bought into Carfax, looked it up, and it checked out very positive.  I phoned the man and he said that he would hold it for us.  The next morning we took the 4 hour one-way trek, bought the car, and returned to HSV – 8 hours of straight driving.  Judy, as always, was such a trooper – following me in our new car as we got home late that evening.  We took the rental car back and WALLA! .   .   .HondaOdyssey2005atOpaolPlace2b copy Thursday, Friday, & Saturday:   The village has weekly garage, yard, & estate sales .   .   .JudyLeavingEstateand .   .   .Estate Sale Good Friday:  Thanking God, more driving and filling of the van in the morning, lunch, and I went and played golf in the afternoon.   Later, I phoned Judy and she informed me that at 3:00PM she caught.   .   .Judy'sFishPlace1 copy proof!Judy's 12" Bass That evening we went to a concert .   .   .BJThomasonStage copy he was fun to watch – and so was the lady in the row in front of us who jumped up frequently clapping and screaming. (and the average age in the audience is @70 years old)
Saturday:  We slept in and got up about 11AM, went to another sale, returned and attended a “Wine & Art” show.  A couple that we met at the Titanic table invited us.  They were showing their art at the show.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Easter Sunday:  At 8:30AM .   .   .EasterSunday2014and listened to .   .   .PastorMarkCain2014and after the service .   .   .SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA and .   .   .EasterBrunchFlowersatTanners What a tiring but fantastic week we have had!  Thank you Lord Jesus and thanks to you guys if you have gotten this far.

Love Judy and  George

These are just more pictures:   (if you aren’t dead tired from this blog) HSV-LAKE_BALBOA_HEADER1-620x378 FlowersatLakeIsabella copy BusyBee HondaOdyssey2005atOpaolPlace2 copy

Edward Albert Parker, Jr – my uncle

Uncle Ed – My Close friend


I have been spending many hours daily on searching in my family tree.  My dad had typed 7 pages on what he knew about the family and sent it to a cousin of ours in Austin, Tx.   His name is Fritz Parker and, upon my request,  he immediately faxed those pages to me and it has been such a great help for finding many Parker relatives.

On one of the pages my dad gave an account of his oldest brother Edward Parker.  As uncle and nephew we were very close so I added things to the story about our relationship.  Here is our account of Edward Albert Parker, Jr.:

Ed quit high school in the 8th grade and went to work in San Francisco, CA. repairing data machines and typewriters.  When WWII started he went to Hawaii and worked as a shipwright at Pearl Harbor.  After that he returned to Berkeley, CA. and taught bridge at a bridge club in Oakland, CA.  He lived in the club.


Later he managed the Cue Center by the Sather Gate at the U.C. Berkeley campus.  He was the 3rd best pool player in the Bay Area and had competed in a challenge match with the great Willie Mosconi.  I, George Parker, Jr., watched him many times as a kid.  He was great and made most of his money from the cocky college students that came into the club.  They would see an old man with unbelievably shaky hands and figure that they could beat him.  They were wrong!  In the many times that I was there watching him play, I never saw him lose.

Edward moved next door to his brother George and his family in El Cerrito, CA.  My uncle Ed and I were very close.  He and I were like minded.  We both liked to compete and played many games together.  He would come over and play cards, or word games that he invented, with the family.  As a young boy, he took me to the State Fair in Sacramento, CA. by train.  At times, he would take  me to the race track at Golden Gate Fields in Albany, CA.  He  taught me how to play chess and I became the chess champion at school.  He and a friend, Gil Gleason, had a system together on playing Pinocle and nobody could beat them.  He would only listen to classical music.  He read a lot and was quite intelligent.  I still have so many found memories of the times spent with him.

Myself & Ed on top floor & Scott down to the left

Myself & Ed on top floor & Scott down to the left

L-R - Scott, Ed, George

L-R – Scott, Ed, George


In my sophomore year in high school, our family went to visit Aunt Kitty and Uncle Glen Adams in Litchfield, CA. next to Susanville.  On one day they took us to Lake Almanor for a day of fun.  I fell in love with the area and ended up buying, at age 16, a lot in the country club for $3800 – $380 down and $29/mo.  I had saved about $500 from a part time job where I was working at a gas station in El Cerrito, CA. so I had the money for the down payment and felt that $29/mo here was better than putting it in the bank.  Mom and Dad co-signed so I got the property.  I married Judy Watkins on 6/26/1965 and was teaching in Santa Clara, CA. from 1970-1977.  In June of 1972 we were about to have our first child and we decided that I would go and build on the Lake Almanor property soon after Vince’s birth.  This had been a dream of mine for many years.  Judy did not want to live in a tent on the property with a new born child so Ed offered to go up an cook for Scott, my sisters son, and I.  Ed and I got into an argument as we had many times over games and there are more stories about our adventure there, however, I will conclude by saying that after 3 or so weeks Ed wanted to go back to El Cerrito.   I complied with his request and continued on to Santa Clara where I picked up my wife and brought her and baby Vince to the building site in our truck with now an overhead camper in the bed.

Edward Parker never got married but he did have a love relationship with a Chinese lady that he met in Hawaii.  He smoked 2-3 packs of Camels a day most of his life and over the years got Emphysema and Osteoporosis.  He was getting very weak and was going down hill fast.  I convinced him to let me move him to Placerville, CA. so he could be close to us.  I am a born again Christian, but he and my dad were not.  Ed was always very vocal about his opinions and beliefs.  You never had to guess about what he was thinking.  I loved that about him.  At one time he was calling me a crazy SOB while I was saying grace at the table before dinner.  He was quite upset that (in his words) a smart guy like me could believe in such nonsense.  I would visit him in Placerville almost daily and ask him if I could read the bible to him.  He would yell out, “Hell know, I don’t want to hear that crap”.   One day I showed up and he was lying on the bed stark naked with blood all over himself.  He was in a lot of pain and said he was trying to find an artery to cut so he could bleed to death but was unsuccessful.  With tears I said, “Oh Ed, won’t you please let me read the bible to you?”, and he exclaimed his usual, “Hell know!” Again, I asked him if I could at least tell him about Jesus’ goodness?  “Hell know, I don’t want to hear it.”  I was very distraught and prayed asking God what I should do.  He immediately gave me an unction, “Just ask him if he would like to accept Me into his heart”?  I thought WHAT!!!  You’ve got to be kidding me.  It sounded so stupid but I did what God said.  “Ed, how would you like to accept Jesus into your heart as your Savior and Lord”?  He said, “Yeah, I’ll do that.”  Completely shocked, I held his shaky hand and said repeat after me and he accepted Jesus into his heart.  I should have known, but I am so glad that God knew that Ed was a man of no nonsense and less talk.  I am so happy to say that both he and my dad are with the Lord Jesus right now.  He died there in Placerville a few months later on February 11, 1983.  He willed his body to the State.

God’s Grace – Finally understood – My Testimony

People to People 2009
Life is too short to miss the real thing

My wife, Judy, and our two children, Vince and Laura, were in a bible believing church for many years.  We are all born-again Christians and were all baptized at the church.  I was a deacon and played the piano as a song leader.  Though I had accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and knew that God loved me, I still felt in my heart that He was just putting up with me.  You Know, part of God’s job description is:  He’s God so He has to love everyone.  But me, I am a guy who believes in His Son Jesus but, many times, still thinks and behaves like a worldly person.  My vision of God’s and my relationship was me trying to be a good Christian (which wasn’t happening) and God being continually disappointed with, me, His child.  I felt as though He had this huge fly swatter to swat me when I was bad.  I did not feel encouraged or accepted by Him.

I was a high school teacher and had free time during the summers.  On one summer day about 20 years ago, I decided to clean our garage.  Doing what a good Christian would do, I turned on my radio and started listening to KFIA – the local Christian radio station in Sacramento, California.  A well-known bible teacher was preaching and I was pleased to hear him.  As the day went on, I listened to different Christian ministries while continuing to clean and organize stuff.  All of a sudden this musical jingle comes on – “People who know go to People who need to know Jesus…Dah, Dah, Dah” .  .  .with a DJ sounding radio announcer saying that via satellite Bob George will be taking questions about scripture.  I continued to listen though I had never heard of this guy!  The format was that people would call in and ask a question concerning their understanding of a particular scripture and then he would explain its meaning.  After hearing many calls it became pretty obvious that this preacher and myself were not in agreement with some scripture interpretations.  I was thinking and saying, “Who is this guy?” and “Why does KFIA allow him to preach on their station?”.

I kept listening though because what he was saying made perfect sense.  And in my heart I felt good about the words I was hearing.  He would patiently answer caller after caller by referring to basic well-known scriptures to support his belief.  One particular caller started to debate his interpretation.  Mr. George listened and simply answered the man with a quiet authority using scripture after scripture to back his position.

Though I was pretty much in agreement with the angry callers positions, I could not get by the firm but loving way that Bob George communicated with them.  Periodically, during the broadcast, the announcer, Bob Davis, would talk about upcoming conferences and a book called Classic Christianity.  I thought that maybe I ought to give this guy a chance and buy his book.

I got the garage cleaned and did not buy the book.  Besides, I did not even know where he lived and ministered.  A few weeks later, Judy was going to a women’s retreat over on the coast.  I took her down to a strip mall where she was getting picked up by some of the ladies in the church.  There was a fish place near by and I planned on eating lunch there.  Across from the restaurant, there was a Christian book store.  I went in to browse for something to read while eating.  I, hesitantly, asked the clerk if they had or even heard of the book “Classic Christianity”.  Though she had never heard of it, she looked and after a few minutes found a single copy.  I bought the book.

Just as a quick note:  I am not a reader and had never read any book all the way through in my life.  Even with my college degrees, I got by reading little and simply used “Cliff Notes” to get me through classes.  I hated to read anything including the bible!

Anyhow, I went to the fish place, sat down and ate, and started reading the book.  I read the first two chapters there and then left for home.  Again, I seemed to be hooked on this guys simple words, and once I got to my house I sat down and read chapter after chapter.  I thought to myself, “Wow! This guy can communicate some basic truths”.  In my heart they seemed right but I had never heard them explained like this before.  My thinking, as I was reading, was, “This is just to good to be true!”

I continued the day reading.  As I was reading chapter 7, “Loved and Accepted”, my eyes started welling up with tears.  I could relate to story after story about the desire to be acceptable in God’s sight.  You see, I knew that God loved me but felt that He didn’t accept me.  But this guys words were saying, if I am a Christian, His child, born again, a believer in Christ, etc., that I was totally acceptable in God’s eyes.   And he supported it all with so many scriptures that I had known for years but still did not understand, even as God’s child.  I started hearing from the voice inside me that:  I am 100% acceptable in His eyes.  .  . that He will always encourage me not discourage me.  .  . that His Son gives me mercy not revenge.  .  . and that all my sins, past – present – future, are gone in His sight forever.  I went to these scriptures in my bible and for the first time saw that they were saying just that!  It just hit me, “God really does accept me too!”  I put down the book while I was crying my eyes out.  Why would he accept me?  I called out to Him, “God, you know my evil heart and yet you really do accept me.”  “Your Son Jesus really has paid the penalty for our sins once for all“.  I continued by thanking God and went to one of my comfortable spots in the home-the piano.  I hadn’t been able to write a single song for a few years, but I immediately wrote two of the best songs in about one and a half hours.  I played one of the songs, “Jesus your Grace set me Free”, at church a few Sundays later and it was received with a spontaneous ovation to God.

Well, school had started in the fall and I found out that Bob George and company were coming to Mt. Hermon to do a conference.  Even though I had just had this great experience with God, I was still skeptical about this message.  No one in my Christian circle of influence had heard of Bob George but I felt a tugging on my heart to go.  Judy, who quite frankly did not want to see me increase in self-righteous behavior, did not want to go with me.  So, I took the time off of school and went to the conference alone.

It was a beautiful fall afternoon in the Santa Cruz mountains and while standing in line at the conference grounds, I remember hearing the voice of Bob Davis in front of me.  I had never seen him before, but his distinctive voice got my attention.  I think he was a DJ or radio announcer prior to PTP (People to People) – what a voice!.  Then I saw Bob George standing next to him.  I recognized him from his picture on the book.  I remember that they seemed like movie stars to me but as I talked to them it was easy to see that they were just average guys like all of us.  What I admired was the confidence they had in their God given gifts and the aggressive but loving way they used them.

I was kind of having an epiphany in line remembering the enlightening truth at home, but my heart was still in the doubting Thomas category.  The ugly flesh sprang up almost instantly.  You see, while I was in line feeling like one of the boys, I was looking around and thinking, “I wonder who I will be roomed with?”  “Maybe that cool looking guy, or that Christian looking man (whatever that means), or maybe a staff member, or even Bob Davis or Bob George himself”  I, anxiously, got to the desk and signed in and got my room keys.  I was heading to my building and this elderly man was coming out of the lobby door wheezing and coughing like he just finished a pack of cigarettes.  I immediately thought to myself, “I hope that I am not rooming with someone like him”.  He said hello and I asked him if he knew where my room number was and he said excitedly, ” sure that is my room also – we are roommates!”- my heart sank.  As he was showing me to the room I remember thinking, “You got to be joking!  Not this guy”.  We went into the room and there was one double bed.  I thought, “There is no way . . . I wonder if I can change rooms?”

God already began teaching me some real lessons right then.  In my mind I felt like the guy who just got picked by the losing team.  I didn’t want to be near this man.  I even told him that he could have the bed and that I would sleep on the floor because I had a bad back and the soft bed would make it worse – Not True.  I was somewhat angry and a lot disappointed with my 4-day roommate – I thought, “Why Me!”

While I was lamenting in my heart, he on the other hand was going on, “Wow! Isn’t this going to be the greatest four days .  .  .  you know, I have been listening to Bob George on the radio in my apartment .  .  .”  I interrupted him, “Where is that?”  He said, “downtown Chicago .  .  .”, continuing with excitement, “.  .  . on the radio Bob George talked about taking a vacation with a purpose so I’ve been saving enough money to take a train all the way here so I can hear him .  .  .(looking around the room with joy) .  .  . and here I am!”  He continued saying things like, “We have our own shower.   And look!  Here are some drawers – I think we are allowed to unpack our clothes – and a sliding glass window – etc., etc, etc”.  Watching this man, probably close to eighty years old, rant and rave about this kind of mediocre room took the wind out of my sails.   As I recall, his name was Hermon and over the four days he stole the hearts of everyone.  What a humble spirit.  Right then and there I saw my fleshly heart and was quite ashamed.  He was an ideal roommate and God had me right where He wanted me.

Well, we headed down for our 1st session.  Bob Davis started with a welcome, good-of-the-order, and an acknowledgement of my roommate, Hermon, and some specific trials he had encountered to get here – it kind of drove the stake into my heart further.   Then a lady played and lead from the piano, “Let’s forget about our self and magnify the Lord and worship Him” (a song that I have played in church for many years).   And finally, Bob George stepped up to the podium and gave a basic overview of what to expect during the 4-day conference.  He then prayed and started the 1st session.

Now, I must regress somewhat about what was going on in my heart at this point.  I was still somewhat skeptical about what I was going to hear.  I had my bible open and ready to check anything that he said against the scriptures.  Though they had provided us with a conference manual, I still had a pen and paper ready for my written thoughts about this, new to me, teaching that I was going to hear.  I was prepared and thinking,  “I’m still going to check this guy out to see if he lines up with the scriptures that I know to be true”.

He opened up with a question.  He said, “ Can we really do that?”  I thought to myself, “Can we really do what?”  He said again, “Can we really do what we just sang?”  Now, I had played and sang that song literally hundreds of times and still did not know what he was talking about.  He continued, “Can we during this conference forget about ourselves, meaning what we know and think, and magnify the Lord Jesus.  In other words, spend this time together getting to know Him and who He is instead of trying to find out who we are and what we believe.  Let’s try not to think about how we are going to use this knowledge, how we are going to learn something new, what we are going to tell someone back home, or any other distractions that might be going on in our minds?  Instead, let’s make this conference about Him not us.  The bible is an autobiography that God has written about who He is, so let’s read it and get to know the real God of the bible”.  You see, he nailed what was going on in my mind.  Even though I just sang the song, I was not prepared to do what the words of the song said.  I was thinking about myself and how this knowledge was going to affect me, my loved ones, and friends!

Another Note:  In the teaching world we call what Bob had done to prepare our hearts a set, meaning, to get the attention of the students for the purpose of buying into what is going to be taught – known as a hook.  This gift of Bob’s is from God because He, God, had us all here for the purpose of getting to know Him.  As for me personally, I have had a distorted view of who He is.

Well, the Spirit rebuked me again and as the conference progressed, God started and continued to melt my hard heart.  Bob’s presentation was essentially many statements of truths about the person of God, backed up by scriptures, and embellished by biblical and personal stories.  He is such a gifted teacher with numerous simple analogies to help cement God’s wonderful truth.  My resulting testimony about this conference is that now I read the bible because I want to, not because I’m supposed to.   Before this conference I tried different disciplinary methods to keep my interest up while reading scripture but none of them worked.  I have since fallen in love with the scriptures. They no longer scare or confuse me because I now know that I am a child of the Almighty God even with this annoying flesh.  Scriptures in our wonderful bible now make sense and have clear purpose.   His Spirit has shown me that all of the scriptures support each other.  I truly know, now, about the wonderful matchless Grace of God!

If you would like to hear some of Bob George’s wonderful teaching, you can go to his new website at http//

    Bob George
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People to People, in now called Basic Gospel and can been seen at


Bob Christopher | Richard Peifer | Bob DavisScreen shot 2013-11-07 at 10.05.59 PM

Judy and I have attended many Classic Christianity Conferences over the years.  These are some pictures of the last one that we attended in 2009 at Mt. Hermon in  Santa Cruz, California.







Redding Handbell Festival

My cousin Glen Adams and his wife Linda invited us up to there home to see them perform in the Redding Handbell Festival.ReddingHandbellFestivalThe Picture above is the Combined Choirs with guest conductor Barbara Meinke directing.

What a wonderful time we had visiting with them and watching them in the concert.  There were 12 participants from California, Nevada, and Oregon.  The sound was as from the heavens above.  Judy and I had never heard handbell choirs before so this was quite a treat.  Glen and Linda were great hosts and they took us and Glen’s sister, Ginny Lawson, to dinner afterwards.  Many of the musicians along with the guest conductor, Barbara Meinke, from Lake Elsinore, Ca., were there at Marie Calendars in Redding, Ca.  I made a YouTube recording with samples of what went on during the concert – click on the blue and enjoy! – Oh! and don’t miss the full recording below of “Pick a Winner” with both Glen and Linda.

Glen Adams

Glen Adams

Linda Adams

Linda Adams

Cousins Ginny and Glen

Cousins Ginny and Glen

Judy, Ginny, and friend

Judy, Ginny, and friend

Glen and Linda Adams

Glen and Linda Adams

Glen and Linda enjoy being in the handbell choir very much.  The group they play with is called the Carillions.  Watch this YouTube video by clicking on the blue and you can see the fun that they are having – and they are GOOD too!!!