Thoroughly Modern Millie/SLVHS Performing Arts Center

Hi All:

A few months ago in March, Judy and I stayed with my cousin, Carol Perkins, at her home in Boulder Creek, CA. (Santa Cruz Mountains)


Carol, Miranda. & Susan

Carol, Miranda. & Susan

As always we had a great time with her and Buddy (her best friend – Dog).  The highlight of the trip was going to see her granddaughter, Miranda, perform in a musical at her high school.  It was the last night of the show on a Saturday evening.  We had a great dinner at a local restaurant and then went to the show.

Wow!!   What a treat.   It was an enjoyable evening watching this group of talented actors sing and dance to the audience’s joy and amazement.  The main character, Millie, was played by Miranda Robinson – she is really talented folks!.  We met her mother, Susan Robinson  (Carol’s daughter) in the parking lot there.  She saved seats for us and I immediately brought our the camera.  The pictures and video are from that camera taken by a guy who shakes.  Most of the pictures came out OK but holding the camera still during the exciting performance was a challenge.

“Millie” was the christening show in the, just finished, San Lorenzo Valley High School performing arts center in Felton, CA..  This school has a phenomenal performing arts program as you can witness by watching the video.  They, evidently, do three different high school performances a year.

Where to buy tickets in the future:

As a former high school teacher it makes my heart sing to watch the enjoyment and fun that these students are having together.  Accomplishment and success build steps for a productive adult life.  It was a fantastic job by everyone involved in this production!!!






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